Ethics of Executions

First, let's look through the situation in the world.
Mr.Wiki-smart-pedia says 

58 (29%) maintain the death penalty in both law and practice.
96 (49%) have abolished it.
9 (5%) retain it for crimes committed in exceptional circumstances (such as in time of war).
34 (17%) permit its use for ordinary crimes, but have not used it for at least 10 years 
and are believed to have a policy or established practice of not carrying out executions, 
or it is under a moratorium.
(as of Feb, 2011)

and then, people were killed by people along the law in 2010.

Bahrain (1), Bangladesh (9+), Belarus (2), Botswana (1), China (2000+) <- LOL, Egypt (4), 
Equatorial Guinea (4), Iran (252+), Iraq (1+), Japan (2), Libya (18+), Malaysia (1+), 
North Korea (60+), Palestinian Authority (5), Saudi Arabia (27+)
Singapore (0+), Somalia (8+), Sudan (6+), Syria (17+), Taiwan (4), 
USA (46), Vietnam (0+), Yemen (53+).

USA is a member of death penalty worship as well as some Asian countries
whose culture is something "overkill" compare to the other countries.
Well, the way of USA is definitely different from Saudi Arabia's, they are so scary,
USA, however, did same thing that people decided to kill somebody anyway.
(Over 2000 means they don't care the number anymore, just what everyone would expect.)

In Japan, it still exists, too. 
It seems to be decided by the depth of sympathy for the family of victim,
and level of the heinous nature about murderer.

I agree on abolishing the executions, if you asked me.
It, of course, is to avoid false charges. 

Only for that?

No. I think that death is meaningless and just let them free from agony.

If it is obvious to find the people committed the atrocious crime,
they should be trained to be engineers for land-mines removal in Cambodia forever.
Every single day, they are helping Cambodian people by facing being dead or quadruple amputees.
You may work wrong and die, or some others would do wrong and you would suffer terrible injures.
No one can expect anything.

This is the idea that I have had for a long time. Is it strange?? 

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