Boys, think twice. You are delicious enough.

My friend got pregnant and then got married.
34 years-old woman success to catch 27? years-old boy. Haha.
They are mature enough to have a baby and I hope the guy is not a greedy...
just can obey a monotone life as a typical Japanese dad has.

(Well, that's kind of a reason that Japanese guys spend
a lot of money for piano bars and sex trading shops
or touch high school gals body on the packed train...
those are terrible culture in Japan... unfortunately...
They excuse that they need to have "small" amusements in monotone life.)

How about marriage of under 25 years-old-couple because of pregnancy?

It must depend on the personalities and circumstances of them.
If they are living in a country side and have nothing to do but having family,
a man wants to get married to a woman to have a stable life without playing around
because it's good to concentrate on his professional work, such as athletes,
or don't need any other women anymore, I guess it would be great and work for them.

Besides those... I need to say sorry.

If I were a young man, I would like to invest all of my money for my potential.
(...I'm doing it even though I'm an old woman... oops)
Especially in New York, there are a lot of opportunities for young bachelors
to get and spend money as much as they can, attract women as much as they want,
and obtain chances to see important people for their life and work, more and more.
I think that would be men's need at an early age.
Having experiences both good ways and bad ways to learn.
And what if you are a good looking guy and was supposed to have enough money to go out?
While the people around you are in the hip night club with wearing D&G and Armani,
you get text "Remember diapers! CVS is closing! Where are you?" from your wife.


Boys, if you are still interested in playing with sexy gals, use condoms.
Don't waste your precious youth, energy and money for near future divorce.
To avoid the misery, stop using internet matching and putting your stupid fake profile.
Even though you are playing with them, you have a chance to be trapped by women, too. LOL

Oh, if you are not young and eager to have someone, of course no prob. Go ahead. (kidding)

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