Height and Weight

I'm a short person. 5.01feet. But I guess, I'm a big eater for my size.
To be honest, I gained weight 4kg (around 10lb) compare to August.
I know the reason very well. Food. So it's the time to handle it.
Just go back to my normal life style.
Eat only at decided time, avoid snacks and sweets, cook Japanese food,
sleep early time, and do working out. That's it.
I really hate to have extra meat on my body, especially belly and back,
because at that time, legs and butt have already had some fat before other parts had.
Oh yeah, that was my fault... kick out disgusting stuff during winter time to make it by spring.

Here's my excuses.
Be careful to face the fact.

Yes, easy to see. Where is USA and where is Japan?
I can see more number of big people here. And that "big" means "super" sometimes.
Automatically, my brain allows, "Hey, don't worry, you can eat more" to my mouth.

No, actually not.
Reference of Height and Weight
Even though my weight does not reach to 5% of population of age 15,
it is only my feeling... feel that my body is heavy. Not figure matter.


...Damn...dark chocolate brownie is calling me...
Don't look at me, soft baked Captiva. I have to hate you from now on...

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