Talkative nature is woman's weapon

I think Japanese tend to be quiet.
"Iwanu-ga Hana" is Japanese proverb, means
that it's wise to be a person of a few words.
Especially, it is usual for me to talk to nobody a couple of days.

*You are not allowed to say that's why my English is bad yet...

It may not apply to many countries.
For example, my next room, Sri Lankan, expresses her emotion too much with her BF.
Laughs loudly then bursts into tears with screaming...oh boy. It happens all the time.
(She has a cute face, but her gross gob sound is awful from bathroom.)
Well, it must be a normal thing for Sri Lankan, because their talking way is dramatic.
I guess it is alike to Arab people or South Americans, might be. Emotion is important for them.

For us, it must be evaluated like


But for them, we Japanese must be cold, unsure and boring.

As for women, talkative nature maybe some attractive element to men.
Usually, up beat cheerful talkative girls are dragging their cute quiet boy, yes.
Going back to the next room's story,
she talks on the phone, brings and keeps talking with her BF,
then after he leaves, starts using Skype...
(I don't want to hear but everything is too loud to mute for my ears)

I always wonder these three things...

1) Isn't she tired to move mouth such a long time?
2) How many topics does she have to talk?
3) Isn't she afraid of having throat polyps?   <- kidding

To be honest, I'm kinda jealous.
I think I'm too quiet... can't talk more than need.
Sometimes, I hear that men hate to listen to their wife's meaning less talking
when they come home with tiredness after work.
Act bored, wife says "are you listening to me?" without feeling sorry to talk too much.

I cannot.
100% ultra No.

I tend to be on men side. Speaking about regular topics or gossips is troublesome.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, it makes my impression "boring". I know.
Ok, I can listen to you. but please do not force me to talk. I cannot.

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