Becoming to one world

...I'm not talking about peace or something.
Well, I'm supposed to but unfortunately it is not well prepared for most of the countries.

This is about China.
They have a lot of people, money and aggressiveness.

NYC is not exception.
I almost cried while I was walking down Lower East yesterday.
Where has Little Italy gone in Manhattan?
Why dose Bowery have 20 of same type Chinese lighting shops?
Why does the city ignore their too much expansion for ruining the scenery?
And of course, as many people cannot speak English,
just talked to me in Chinese, I know I look like Chinese,
but then I started speaking English, their face turned to say "troublesome".

What is that? Excuse me? I think I'm in NYC, not in China though?

My lovely sis, squirrel told me that they would tend to make the level lower
to insist that they should be the rule instead of catching up other levels.
I agree.
Sadly, many brand shops from casual to formal are filled with them.
When I saw a beautiful white woman, who seemed a model, came out from the black Porsche,
and went into Dior, THAT had to be the picture in the a high-end boutique.
Then, glanced at inside of miumiu and Channel, oh...my...

Recently, Chinese buy "real" brand bags or clothes...not only "fake" products.
Ok, they can buy anything, because of MONEY. I know that.
It, however, is not beautiful for the stores to have a bunch of Asian,
like families or friends stick together and block the aisles.
(Could you please wear the appropriate shoes at least NOT old New Balance sneakers?)
(Could you please stop putting anime character key holders on the expensive bags?)  
Yes, I'm an Asian, and pretty sure Japanese had done it the same several years ago.
They were really hated in Italy when PRADA was the big deal in Japan.
Shame on ourselves.
I have never done in, but would like to apologize to have broken their elegance.
And I wish I did not have Asian look...honestly.

From economic aspects, no one can say China is nothing.
But other point of views, they need to come up to world level first.
Their behavior and moral should be better to get along with the rest of the world.
Do not think your level is the center of the world, please.
If they completed entire of the world right now, some sense of beauty would disappear.

Who can stop their unusual expansion? India? No, they are willing to work under Chinese.
EU has almost gave up being friendly to them because of human right aspects.
Unfortunately, Japan has no power at all.  They are peace-addicted.
(But after I watched a TV showing a wealthy Chinese girl
who was in the night club in Shanghai  said
"China already knocked out Japan, Japan is nothing for us to learn anything from" ,
 my emotion turned to mood against them. Never forget the moment.)

That is why USA exists on the earth!!!!!
I know many countries hate US too, but please imagine the situation
that all counties are occupied by Chinese and work under them... you like it??
They can, if they want. So scary.

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