It's English Blog Time.

Well, I have two blog pages already. Both of them are in Japanese.
My friend "Squirrel" in SF started English blog... so do I.
Actually, just finished the fall semester of the graduate school..
I was supposed to go out... but I had needed to be in a bathroom for a long time today...ouch.

What did I eat? 
beef noodle, coffee, roasted beef sandwiches, snacks, granola bars, grapefruit juice, chips, snickers... what else?

Anyway, my writing is not perfect, I know.
Please be patient to read the articles.
It might waste your time, but I cannot pay for it.
The more read, the more you understand me, my irony, my sense of music and arts.
I'm pretty sure, this is my mono-logy.

Do you wanna join me?
or, you can join me, or please, or could you??

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