Medical cost is fair for everyone.

I watched the TV program that showed super obese women.
Like, their belly were down to knees and no more human being shapes.
But surprisingly, they insisted that they were beautiful and healthy.
The host of the show, seemed to be a doctor, couldn't keep talking
because they were too confident to realize they were wrong...

Center of their life may be food.
Bacon, Egg, Cheese oily sandwiches are breakfast,
then Chips and Cup cakes before lunch
big Mexican food for lunch
then a slice of Pizza for snack
Hamburger and FF are for dinner
Cakes and Chips before sleeping with Beer...
And of course, Sodas are with all food...

They are extraordinary
but many "still human shape" obese people are the same.
I'm surprised how rich they are.
If they have a time even a little bit
such as short break in the class or waiting for ferry,
they buy snacks and a bottle of soda...it costs like $3?
And when they do that twice in a day it goes to $6.
Plus, 3 times meal. (I'm sure not only 3 times though)
If they drink beer and smoke cigarette,
They can spend $40-$50 in a day only for food and beverages!

$40 x 30days = $1,200/month LOL

And I can imagine that people who live like this claim
that "we cannot buy healthy food, because it is expensive".
Then they go to hospital because of heart attack.
They need to use wheel chairs in stead of walking.

They may not have enough income to buy good coverage.
Who pays for that medical cost?

People, who keep their body healthy,
pay for insurance, gym for exercise, supplements and natural foods.
They tend to work hard, eat suitable amount, and sleep well.
Of course, they do not smoke or drink too much.
I guess $1,200/month is enough for their normal cost of food and some beverages , too.

Is it fair if medical services are almost equal to those different people?

Well...I'm super poor now.
I don't think I spend that much money, $1,200
including my rent...ouch!
Cooking rice and light taste foods are good enough.
$5 Subway Footlong is for two times meal.
$5.50 Chinese lunch combo with wonton soup is for three times meal.
Never drink sodas...thanks to my taste.
And then, finally, I can spend extra money for some martini at the bar!
Cost friendly and health friendly.


I love here and listen to Martha Wainwright.

First, I need to explain that I don't mean I dislike Japan.
I love Japanese sensitivity and beauty. I swear.
But, avoiding being one of the group means death in Japan.
I think many people feel fear to be alone or to do something alone.
Of course it is easy to lean against something big and trust it.
I sometimes feel it is a religion of Japan, too.
Something invisible called "MAJORITY" do brainwash Japanese, like
"You gotta love it, because it saves you without doubt".
And it harms your nature and personality, who you are and what you really want.
Becoming robots is the way to live there.

I really feel I'm alive and a part of the world when I'm in NY.
It means I have to think everything carefully and do by myself with my own decision.
Losing identity means death in NY. Everyone is struggling to live.
That is why I have visited here almost every year since 23,
and it must be my birthday time.
To re-realize I'm nothing in the world, but I exist.
Everyone has uniqueness and is proud of it.

There are some people who don't know moral and ethics.
They don't care what the others feel about it.
Throwing garbage and spitting everywhere.
Openly blaming and attacking someone.
Unfortunately they do.

On the hand, there are some others who sincerely help people.
Talking to strangers to make them happy with giving a nice smile.
Hugging warmly, telling useful information in need.
Saying NO to wrong ideas, covering the weak up.

Yes, they are simple. They don't make things complicated.
Showing "This is what I want, that is why I do it".


Exciting Finance

Finally, I decided to take Finance concentration for my MBA course.
I know, it must be harder than General course...no choice but to make me motivated.
No idea, why I'm excited to study Finance.
I'm not good at numbers at all.
Numbers also don't like me.
But now, it's the time to shake hands.

It was heavy snowing in this morning but there were classes.
From 8:30 am. Took 7:00am boat. How nasty it was.
But I didn't care, because I like those classes,
Finance and Statistics. I had missed them.

Oh no I said too much -M.S-

When I took a basic accounting course,
the professor was so bad to handle with students,
yes, because they were like kids... didn't buy the text book,
always let the professor make copy after the class
only for the pages to know the homework... and complained like " I don't understand,"
...well, to understand the class, first, buy the textbook and read it...
The professor didn't tell like that, either... some classmates and I couldn't believe the situation.
That's why, the professor used only 3 chapters from the text book that had 1,200 pages...
could not finish what she had to teach us at all....

And the professor, who became a china attacker last time, said
"It's very basic issue and too easy for masters, so skip those sections..." in today's class.


: )  Proooooof I'm here

You are the same parson, I know.

You did not teach me those.

The other classmates seem to have taken those classes when they were undergrad students,
but for me, your basic course was everything.

How can I know that?

Ok, I will start from the accounting again...
need to pull out the text book from somewhere in my room.

See?  Finance is exciting!


Runaway Professor

My finance class starts from 8:30am on Saturday.
Even though I have to take 6:30am boat, I have no complain,
because I like the atmosphere of Bronx classes.
Most of the students are US citizens and full time workers in week days.
That is why they have some knowledge about working environment and give it in the class.
As for money, US people know how their money to relate their life cycle.
They use cards, both debit and credit, and check than cash.
Moreover, they need to do insurance and tax processes by themselves.
Plus, many of them buy stocks for investing.
Japanese usually don't have those knowledge that much.
We don't have to worry about it because cash and saving culture make us safer
and companies solve those troublesome automatically without cheating.
So, the class skips some obvious topics, such as explanation of basic words.
Me? I need to learn EVERYTHING from scratch...It's tough but also exciting :)

And professor is a key, too. I took her class before and liked it.
She is from Hong Kong, and has a unique accent in her English...and she knows it.
(Please do not mention about my English now...)
But we are not able to say her English has Chinese accent.
In last class, she started talking about bonds, and gave us example of China.
And then, talked about China so much...

It began from their disbelief points of bonds, and then went to somewhere else.

"China doesn't have human right, they just keep a baby boy in the family
  and send baby girls to somewhere without registration in the country."

(Yeah, I know... oh, some students seem not to know it...)

"If you pursue freedom, you can be killed easily!! "

(Right, and you can ask for someone to kill someone, cost only $300...)

"When someone say if I am from China, I say NO! I'm from Hong Kong!
  I don't want to be mixed up with such a low level people!!"


"You know what? Chinese send young women to US and let them get married
  with old US guys to get citizenship, and then back to China. Shameless!"

...Professor? What's wrong with you?

"There is the fake marriage business here!
  Don't talk to an old man and a young Asian girl when they are together,
  he isn't her grandfather, that is a fake marriage couple through agency!!!

Professor LOL Where is the FINANCE class???

Anyway, I enjoyed it.


Where is your answer going?

I'm not a good speaker as I mentioned before.
Plus, my English level is not good enough to take graduate course, honestly.
That is why I need to take time to study and practice more than the other students...

But, I can answer the question to assignments somehow.
Moreover, I learned how to write a paper in academic way during the last semester well.
It is completely different from the solution in business way.
When you work, you need to output the idea by using theory, experience, data, etc...
and summarizing in it your mind first. 
The output must be simplified to be explained and implemented with getting the point.
But in academic way, you have to explain 
what you learned from text books and lectures one by one for papers.
Giving the definition of the words that you use in the paper, 
building the discussion and then applying the case or questions are required.

...Yes, the paper let you feel to waste the time to explain a lot.
Because if you did it in the working situation, you must be said


Wait, I remember that this thing happens sometimes in the office, too. 
Especially when you talk with engineer or geek type of people, you need to be lenient.
They tend to start talking from 0, and you find it is too much explanation to listen to,
because most of their talking is another story with pointless. 
Just keep talking to you what they have as knowledge.
... and their topic is going to be far away from the answer to the question at the end.

orz..... amen.

Here's the thing.
I already faced the facts a lot in the school, too.
The problem is not writing way or something.
I'm so surprised that

some people do not answer the question LOL

For example, when the question is
"What are the different ways of leadership styles? "
of course, you can find several types of leadership ways in the text book,
and write to explain what those are and give the point what is the difference among them.
Easy. And then, if you want to add some information on it as your opinion, go ahead.

Their ways are just "I think my boss was..." or " Leadership should be..."


Of course, after you read the answer, you have to recheck the question.
Wait a minutes...What is the question?
No! You don't need to give us your idea about what is the good leader or something.
That is not the question, question is "DIFFERENCES" of each type.
From that, I can guess those people cannot have conversation well for complicated topics.
Once they start speaking, they forget what they need to answer and just keep talking.
I'm kind a jealous because I cannot keep talking... just freeze not to be out of the point....


Your turn must be created by you.

As a Japanese, I strongly insist that your turn wouldn't come.
We have learned how to make a harmony with people during the conversation.
Before we start talking, we think those in a second:

Does my talking have an appropriate topic and words in this situation and atmosphere?
How long and how deep can I keep talking not the others get bored and feel bad?
Can I show my emotion and passion here? Isn't is too much for the others?

Then, we decide

OK, AFTER he finish his talking, I will start my talking.

Yes, you are correct. Listen to the others first is common sense.
But, listen, your way may not always work in the world.
Because a lot of people, you cannot imagine how many,
don't care anything you concern as above.
They don't think it is rude that they don't listen to the others
and just talk as much as they want in THEIR OWN TIMING!!!
Plus, they apparently show their attitude, like
"I am not interested in your talking, and do not need to listen to you, I wanna talk" .

I know, you cannot believe my saying. Rude, yes especially in "Japanese Culture".
You must get hurt when you face this fact, but it happens a lot.
For example, if you are in the classroom, you can see the scene frequently.

Professor ".....and ......., so......"
Student A "But in my experience...(5min talking)...and..."
Professor "Ok, thank you for your comment. Let's go to nex..."
Student A "And then professor, .....(2min talking)"

Other students are bored. 
We want lectures, not your personal comments.

Another case is like this.

(You want to listen to A's idea)
Student A ".....and .....that's wh.."
(You tried to give comment AFTER his talking)
Student B "Yeah, I also did it and....."
(B started talking before A finish it)
Student C "Right, I can...."
(C joined B's talking)
Student A "Hmm, anyway, I wanted to sa.."
(You started expecting to listen to A again)
Student B "Oh, do you know this? This is a..."
(B cut it again with another topic)
Student C "I know! Is it a...."
(C move it further)

You never have chance to get A's whole idea 
nor your turn to talk!!!!

It happens not only in class but also in daily conversation.
Don't wait your turn, it never come among those people.
You should show your attitude to them clearly,
cut their conversation if you need, and start talking what you want.
Yes, it is rude, but it is necessary for you to show your existence.
Otherwise, the topic goes to another.

If you didn't do that, they would think you are dull
and not interested in participation of the conversation.

I realize Japanese who live here for a long time seem to know it
and have changed their way on purpose to adapt to those situation.
Means, they sometimes don't read the atmosphere as well as normal Japanese do.
I'm still on the way to have the skill. So hard to ignore our cultural beauty.


School again. Finally.

My holiday is over.
I'm taking those three courses in this semester:

1. Research and statistics for managerial decision making
2. Managing information technology across the enterprise
3. Managerial finance

I'm not good at math or number things, pretty sure.
But sounds good for me to take those courses. That's odd.
Maybe because of my nature. I tend to like make things clear in black and white way.
Number does not tell a lie...

Motivation Level ■■■■■■■■□□ (as of 19:22 EST)

Then I found a very sad fact in my curriculum of MBA course.
They Only Have One Core Course and One Elective Course for Marketing.
And Elective Course is Only Online by The Professor Cannot Teach Well.

Motivation Level ■■□□□□□□□□  (as of 20:07 EST)

I hope they will hire another better professor,
as least the person who can speak naturally, not has terrible stuttering,
and do not make book smart business person.

IT class (2.) already gave us assignments, and that was not lecture or something.
That was really hard for me to answer because I still cannot find what my ideal job is.
I don't find any passion right now honestly..I'm still struggling.
The question was like this:


If you were given $3M dollars under the following requirements:

a. $3M dollars must be deposited in a bank with 5% annual interest rate.
    Please note that you can’t use the $3M dollars.
b. As such, you will getting $150,000 from the bank for your living expenses.
c. You must work,

then, what kind of work will you do?
This question is not about how you invest the money you may have (you can not use $3M that has to be in the bank and genearate your living expenses $150K). Please don't make the investment of either $3M or $150K.


I asked my big brother and he answered "how about a prostitute or a fortune teller for you?"
Thank you. I used the later one.
Just remembered the song "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song"/ The Flaming Lips.