Runaway Professor

My finance class starts from 8:30am on Saturday.
Even though I have to take 6:30am boat, I have no complain,
because I like the atmosphere of Bronx classes.
Most of the students are US citizens and full time workers in week days.
That is why they have some knowledge about working environment and give it in the class.
As for money, US people know how their money to relate their life cycle.
They use cards, both debit and credit, and check than cash.
Moreover, they need to do insurance and tax processes by themselves.
Plus, many of them buy stocks for investing.
Japanese usually don't have those knowledge that much.
We don't have to worry about it because cash and saving culture make us safer
and companies solve those troublesome automatically without cheating.
So, the class skips some obvious topics, such as explanation of basic words.
Me? I need to learn EVERYTHING from scratch...It's tough but also exciting :)

And professor is a key, too. I took her class before and liked it.
She is from Hong Kong, and has a unique accent in her English...and she knows it.
(Please do not mention about my English now...)
But we are not able to say her English has Chinese accent.
In last class, she started talking about bonds, and gave us example of China.
And then, talked about China so much...

It began from their disbelief points of bonds, and then went to somewhere else.

"China doesn't have human right, they just keep a baby boy in the family
  and send baby girls to somewhere without registration in the country."

(Yeah, I know... oh, some students seem not to know it...)

"If you pursue freedom, you can be killed easily!! "

(Right, and you can ask for someone to kill someone, cost only $300...)

"When someone say if I am from China, I say NO! I'm from Hong Kong!
  I don't want to be mixed up with such a low level people!!"


"You know what? Chinese send young women to US and let them get married
  with old US guys to get citizenship, and then back to China. Shameless!"

...Professor? What's wrong with you?

"There is the fake marriage business here!
  Don't talk to an old man and a young Asian girl when they are together,
  he isn't her grandfather, that is a fake marriage couple through agency!!!

Professor LOL Where is the FINANCE class???

Anyway, I enjoyed it.

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