Profit in Peace

Hey, we don't wanna fight no more,
hey hey hey, we don't wanna fight no more...
but there's no profit in peace, boy, we gotta fight some more.
                                                     -Ocean Colour Scene-

Japan seems to loosen the weapon export ban.
As I had worked for the company related to precision measure equipment,
I think I know how strict gov controls are for the exporting those to other countries,
and some manufactures in Japan have amazing tech and quality to make arms.
(I'm a super Jap tech believer. Something wrong?)
Plus, high-end consumer products are already great enough to be parts of weapons.
Ironically, yes. Such as Chad Toyota war case.
Of course, they will limit the process of loosen the law,
the arms, however, must go to inappropriate countries somehow.
And if it would be unlucky, the countries have arms made in Japan might attack Japan.
...well sounds familiar for new yorker.

(Then we could re-realize that Jap tech is awesome LOL)

We must buy expensive weapons from US in current situation.
US has been protecting Japan, too.
Debt, debt and dept to defense our country.
On the other hand, if Japan start selling Japan brand arms,
many countries must be interested in purchasing or co-working with them.

(not big deal for US... happens all the time...)

But, from crazy peace-addicted Jap point of view,
most of Japanese would hate to see the facts, like
"The arms are made in Japan".
Feel to be a part of war. Isn't it sad and embarrassed?
OK, if Japan has to cooperate to the war world
how about... how about.... well...
Only food? or Medicine? ah...Animation for entertainment?

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