School again. Finally.

My holiday is over.
I'm taking those three courses in this semester:

1. Research and statistics for managerial decision making
2. Managing information technology across the enterprise
3. Managerial finance

I'm not good at math or number things, pretty sure.
But sounds good for me to take those courses. That's odd.
Maybe because of my nature. I tend to like make things clear in black and white way.
Number does not tell a lie...

Motivation Level ■■■■■■■■□□ (as of 19:22 EST)

Then I found a very sad fact in my curriculum of MBA course.
They Only Have One Core Course and One Elective Course for Marketing.
And Elective Course is Only Online by The Professor Cannot Teach Well.

Motivation Level ■■□□□□□□□□  (as of 20:07 EST)

I hope they will hire another better professor,
as least the person who can speak naturally, not has terrible stuttering,
and do not make book smart business person.

IT class (2.) already gave us assignments, and that was not lecture or something.
That was really hard for me to answer because I still cannot find what my ideal job is.
I don't find any passion right now honestly..I'm still struggling.
The question was like this:


If you were given $3M dollars under the following requirements:

a. $3M dollars must be deposited in a bank with 5% annual interest rate.
    Please note that you can’t use the $3M dollars.
b. As such, you will getting $150,000 from the bank for your living expenses.
c. You must work,

then, what kind of work will you do?
This question is not about how you invest the money you may have (you can not use $3M that has to be in the bank and genearate your living expenses $150K). Please don't make the investment of either $3M or $150K.


I asked my big brother and he answered "how about a prostitute or a fortune teller for you?"
Thank you. I used the later one.
Just remembered the song "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song"/ The Flaming Lips.

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