I love here and listen to Martha Wainwright.

First, I need to explain that I don't mean I dislike Japan.
I love Japanese sensitivity and beauty. I swear.
But, avoiding being one of the group means death in Japan.
I think many people feel fear to be alone or to do something alone.
Of course it is easy to lean against something big and trust it.
I sometimes feel it is a religion of Japan, too.
Something invisible called "MAJORITY" do brainwash Japanese, like
"You gotta love it, because it saves you without doubt".
And it harms your nature and personality, who you are and what you really want.
Becoming robots is the way to live there.

I really feel I'm alive and a part of the world when I'm in NY.
It means I have to think everything carefully and do by myself with my own decision.
Losing identity means death in NY. Everyone is struggling to live.
That is why I have visited here almost every year since 23,
and it must be my birthday time.
To re-realize I'm nothing in the world, but I exist.
Everyone has uniqueness and is proud of it.

There are some people who don't know moral and ethics.
They don't care what the others feel about it.
Throwing garbage and spitting everywhere.
Openly blaming and attacking someone.
Unfortunately they do.

On the hand, there are some others who sincerely help people.
Talking to strangers to make them happy with giving a nice smile.
Hugging warmly, telling useful information in need.
Saying NO to wrong ideas, covering the weak up.

Yes, they are simple. They don't make things complicated.
Showing "This is what I want, that is why I do it".

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