Ethics of Executions

First, let's look through the situation in the world.
Mr.Wiki-smart-pedia says 

58 (29%) maintain the death penalty in both law and practice.
96 (49%) have abolished it.
9 (5%) retain it for crimes committed in exceptional circumstances (such as in time of war).
34 (17%) permit its use for ordinary crimes, but have not used it for at least 10 years 
and are believed to have a policy or established practice of not carrying out executions, 
or it is under a moratorium.
(as of Feb, 2011)

and then, people were killed by people along the law in 2010.

Bahrain (1), Bangladesh (9+), Belarus (2), Botswana (1), China (2000+) <- LOL, Egypt (4), 
Equatorial Guinea (4), Iran (252+), Iraq (1+), Japan (2), Libya (18+), Malaysia (1+), 
North Korea (60+), Palestinian Authority (5), Saudi Arabia (27+)
Singapore (0+), Somalia (8+), Sudan (6+), Syria (17+), Taiwan (4), 
USA (46), Vietnam (0+), Yemen (53+).

USA is a member of death penalty worship as well as some Asian countries
whose culture is something "overkill" compare to the other countries.
Well, the way of USA is definitely different from Saudi Arabia's, they are so scary,
USA, however, did same thing that people decided to kill somebody anyway.
(Over 2000 means they don't care the number anymore, just what everyone would expect.)

In Japan, it still exists, too. 
It seems to be decided by the depth of sympathy for the family of victim,
and level of the heinous nature about murderer.

I agree on abolishing the executions, if you asked me.
It, of course, is to avoid false charges. 

Only for that?

No. I think that death is meaningless and just let them free from agony.

If it is obvious to find the people committed the atrocious crime,
they should be trained to be engineers for land-mines removal in Cambodia forever.
Every single day, they are helping Cambodian people by facing being dead or quadruple amputees.
You may work wrong and die, or some others would do wrong and you would suffer terrible injures.
No one can expect anything.

This is the idea that I have had for a long time. Is it strange?? 


Becoming to one world

...I'm not talking about peace or something.
Well, I'm supposed to but unfortunately it is not well prepared for most of the countries.

This is about China.
They have a lot of people, money and aggressiveness.

NYC is not exception.
I almost cried while I was walking down Lower East yesterday.
Where has Little Italy gone in Manhattan?
Why dose Bowery have 20 of same type Chinese lighting shops?
Why does the city ignore their too much expansion for ruining the scenery?
And of course, as many people cannot speak English,
just talked to me in Chinese, I know I look like Chinese,
but then I started speaking English, their face turned to say "troublesome".

What is that? Excuse me? I think I'm in NYC, not in China though?

My lovely sis, squirrel told me that they would tend to make the level lower
to insist that they should be the rule instead of catching up other levels.
I agree.
Sadly, many brand shops from casual to formal are filled with them.
When I saw a beautiful white woman, who seemed a model, came out from the black Porsche,
and went into Dior, THAT had to be the picture in the a high-end boutique.
Then, glanced at inside of miumiu and Channel, oh...my...

Recently, Chinese buy "real" brand bags or clothes...not only "fake" products.
Ok, they can buy anything, because of MONEY. I know that.
It, however, is not beautiful for the stores to have a bunch of Asian,
like families or friends stick together and block the aisles.
(Could you please wear the appropriate shoes at least NOT old New Balance sneakers?)
(Could you please stop putting anime character key holders on the expensive bags?)  
Yes, I'm an Asian, and pretty sure Japanese had done it the same several years ago.
They were really hated in Italy when PRADA was the big deal in Japan.
Shame on ourselves.
I have never done in, but would like to apologize to have broken their elegance.
And I wish I did not have Asian look...honestly.

From economic aspects, no one can say China is nothing.
But other point of views, they need to come up to world level first.
Their behavior and moral should be better to get along with the rest of the world.
Do not think your level is the center of the world, please.
If they completed entire of the world right now, some sense of beauty would disappear.

Who can stop their unusual expansion? India? No, they are willing to work under Chinese.
EU has almost gave up being friendly to them because of human right aspects.
Unfortunately, Japan has no power at all.  They are peace-addicted.
(But after I watched a TV showing a wealthy Chinese girl
who was in the night club in Shanghai  said
"China already knocked out Japan, Japan is nothing for us to learn anything from" ,
 my emotion turned to mood against them. Never forget the moment.)

That is why USA exists on the earth!!!!!
I know many countries hate US too, but please imagine the situation
that all counties are occupied by Chinese and work under them... you like it??
They can, if they want. So scary.


The Thrills / So Much For The City

Christmas season has gone.
So it's the time to stop listening to this album for a while.
Heavy rotation these days... what nice music they are.
A great album in my collection.

So Much for the City

My favorite song is "Don't Steal Our Sun"...
but PV is so corny... that's sad.

and just finished Christmas and for next year...

Santa Cruz ... also this PV is a trash... spoil the song.

The Thrills - Santa Cruz by samithemenace


Boys, think twice. You are delicious enough.

My friend got pregnant and then got married.
34 years-old woman success to catch 27? years-old boy. Haha.
They are mature enough to have a baby and I hope the guy is not a greedy...
just can obey a monotone life as a typical Japanese dad has.

(Well, that's kind of a reason that Japanese guys spend
a lot of money for piano bars and sex trading shops
or touch high school gals body on the packed train...
those are terrible culture in Japan... unfortunately...
They excuse that they need to have "small" amusements in monotone life.)

How about marriage of under 25 years-old-couple because of pregnancy?

It must depend on the personalities and circumstances of them.
If they are living in a country side and have nothing to do but having family,
a man wants to get married to a woman to have a stable life without playing around
because it's good to concentrate on his professional work, such as athletes,
or don't need any other women anymore, I guess it would be great and work for them.

Besides those... I need to say sorry.

If I were a young man, I would like to invest all of my money for my potential.
(...I'm doing it even though I'm an old woman... oops)
Especially in New York, there are a lot of opportunities for young bachelors
to get and spend money as much as they can, attract women as much as they want,
and obtain chances to see important people for their life and work, more and more.
I think that would be men's need at an early age.
Having experiences both good ways and bad ways to learn.
And what if you are a good looking guy and was supposed to have enough money to go out?
While the people around you are in the hip night club with wearing D&G and Armani,
you get text "Remember diapers! CVS is closing! Where are you?" from your wife.


Boys, if you are still interested in playing with sexy gals, use condoms.
Don't waste your precious youth, energy and money for near future divorce.
To avoid the misery, stop using internet matching and putting your stupid fake profile.
Even though you are playing with them, you have a chance to be trapped by women, too. LOL

Oh, if you are not young and eager to have someone, of course no prob. Go ahead. (kidding)


Height and Weight

I'm a short person. 5.01feet. But I guess, I'm a big eater for my size.
To be honest, I gained weight 4kg (around 10lb) compare to August.
I know the reason very well. Food. So it's the time to handle it.
Just go back to my normal life style.
Eat only at decided time, avoid snacks and sweets, cook Japanese food,
sleep early time, and do working out. That's it.
I really hate to have extra meat on my body, especially belly and back,
because at that time, legs and butt have already had some fat before other parts had.
Oh yeah, that was my fault... kick out disgusting stuff during winter time to make it by spring.

Here's my excuses.
Be careful to face the fact.

Yes, easy to see. Where is USA and where is Japan?
I can see more number of big people here. And that "big" means "super" sometimes.
Automatically, my brain allows, "Hey, don't worry, you can eat more" to my mouth.

No, actually not.
Reference of Height and Weight
Even though my weight does not reach to 5% of population of age 15,
it is only my feeling... feel that my body is heavy. Not figure matter.


...Damn...dark chocolate brownie is calling me...
Don't look at me, soft baked Captiva. I have to hate you from now on...


Legalizing hard drugs

German the left wants to legalize not only soft drugs but also hard drugs.
They say that it's tough even for scientists to divide soft drugs and hard drugs,
and Alcohol and Cannabis are also unhealthy but legalized.

Yes, I understand, that's why I don't do anything including cigarette.
Everything is in the same category for me... not healthy.
My all family members but me had been smoking cigarette until my mom got cancer,
but I'm not sure about my brother really quit it, actually.
(My drugs are music and arts..., they make me high enough...)
Well, I take an alcohol, a little bit, not too much for drunk.
Just taking appropriated amount to have good blood circulation.
...Sounds healthy, right?

I know some American insist the same for legalization.
But one of them I know has never done any drugs, even weed,
and say the good reason to legalize it is only for revenue to government by taxation system.
Ah, I see. The economists must consider how government makes money.

...I do not have knowledge to talk about deep side of economy or crime incident.
But I cannot say yes for those legalization.
Simply, it's too risky to implement it.
People who had been interested in drugs but never used it
would try casually when they had chances because of no regulation anymore.
And decades later, it would not be considered dangerous things.
In Germany, they know what strict rules they need to handle drugs after legalizing.
But if the pharmacies could sell it only when the patient have prescription in US,
another business would emerge soon, like "Prescription.com".
(They may give you Free Trial up to 3 times, join now!)

And the person whom I mentioned say
that even though it is legalized, only people who want to ruin their life use it,
and normal people would not enjoy it to keep current life style anyway.


OK, of course they would spoil their life. It's obvious.
Yeah, then many prisoners for using drugs would be released at that point.
But why they are illegal right now? Why do many countries have same policies against drugs?
Why even medical marijuana is a topic to battle whether to be legalized or not?
Because drug users have potential to be violent with craziness to others, is it correct?
So, if drug users increase, crime rate and the number of the unemployed also increase.
Then you need to build twice more jails and prisons for that.
Is it good for economy? And tax will be used for feeding and maintaining them.
Even if it would be good for economical aspects, not for ethical aspects.

Well, anyway, my point is just one thing.

I don't want to lose my dear people around me because of that stupid reason.


Talkative nature is woman's weapon

I think Japanese tend to be quiet.
"Iwanu-ga Hana" is Japanese proverb, means
that it's wise to be a person of a few words.
Especially, it is usual for me to talk to nobody a couple of days.

*You are not allowed to say that's why my English is bad yet...

It may not apply to many countries.
For example, my next room, Sri Lankan, expresses her emotion too much with her BF.
Laughs loudly then bursts into tears with screaming...oh boy. It happens all the time.
(She has a cute face, but her gross gob sound is awful from bathroom.)
Well, it must be a normal thing for Sri Lankan, because their talking way is dramatic.
I guess it is alike to Arab people or South Americans, might be. Emotion is important for them.

For us, it must be evaluated like


But for them, we Japanese must be cold, unsure and boring.

As for women, talkative nature maybe some attractive element to men.
Usually, up beat cheerful talkative girls are dragging their cute quiet boy, yes.
Going back to the next room's story,
she talks on the phone, brings and keeps talking with her BF,
then after he leaves, starts using Skype...
(I don't want to hear but everything is too loud to mute for my ears)

I always wonder these three things...

1) Isn't she tired to move mouth such a long time?
2) How many topics does she have to talk?
3) Isn't she afraid of having throat polyps?   <- kidding

To be honest, I'm kinda jealous.
I think I'm too quiet... can't talk more than need.
Sometimes, I hear that men hate to listen to their wife's meaning less talking
when they come home with tiredness after work.
Act bored, wife says "are you listening to me?" without feeling sorry to talk too much.

I cannot.
100% ultra No.

I tend to be on men side. Speaking about regular topics or gossips is troublesome.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, it makes my impression "boring". I know.
Ok, I can listen to you. but please do not force me to talk. I cannot.


Customer Service

From Japanese point of view,
shop staffs sometimes give us unbelievably terrible services or behaviors.
If they were working in Japan, they would be fired immediately.
On the other hand, the rest of those have great skills to welcome and help customers.
Two extremes. Part time or internship... I don't know but kids are also have this tendency.

Is it nature?

I don't think so.

They had not practiced to handle their emotion (feeling) not go to mood (behavior).
The cycle of emotion and mood is built by environment while they had grown up.
In family, schools or neighbors... adults let them know that by oral and action.
Like, "No need to hide your emotion to get something. Everyone is selfish, do it."
But some who had been raised in moral can learn
that your mood make the other's mood, too.
Or, they realize their mood is wrong at that point they start working and see seniors.

When you are depressed or angry, it must be tough to make smile on your face.
When you are tired, it must be difficult to move fast and talk with customers.

Sorry, but it is your job that you selected to do.
You are a part of the window and mirror of the shop and company.

Recently, many companies use outsourcing for CS,
such as Indian firms of telecommunication.
24 hours call service... sounds good.
It, however, connect to Indian company... does it really help you?
Many people don't understand their speaking,
and some staffs cannot understand American English, because of their Britain English.
So smart companies already realized that Indian are good for hard working
but not enough for customer satisfaction.
Then, it goes to Philippines whose workers speak American English. Sounds better, right?

How about Japanese CS.
Well, actually, shop staffs or call center workers are robots, not human.
As you already found, their "apologize"  is not from bottom of their hearts.
Their too much "thank you very much" is reading the lines.
Therefore, sometime they cannot respond to the irregular questions or requests.
Anyway, their behavior as CS is correct, even though it is fake and surface.

But when I went back to Japan after spending 8 month to live in NY,
I felt their thanks and vows were too much and.... made me tired LOL


It's English Blog Time.

Well, I have two blog pages already. Both of them are in Japanese.
My friend "Squirrel" in SF started English blog... so do I.
Actually, just finished the fall semester of the graduate school..
I was supposed to go out... but I had needed to be in a bathroom for a long time today...ouch.

What did I eat? 
beef noodle, coffee, roasted beef sandwiches, snacks, granola bars, grapefruit juice, chips, snickers... what else?

Anyway, my writing is not perfect, I know.
Please be patient to read the articles.
It might waste your time, but I cannot pay for it.
The more read, the more you understand me, my irony, my sense of music and arts.
I'm pretty sure, this is my mono-logy.

Do you wanna join me?
or, you can join me, or please, or could you??