Medical cost is fair for everyone.

I watched the TV program that showed super obese women.
Like, their belly were down to knees and no more human being shapes.
But surprisingly, they insisted that they were beautiful and healthy.
The host of the show, seemed to be a doctor, couldn't keep talking
because they were too confident to realize they were wrong...

Center of their life may be food.
Bacon, Egg, Cheese oily sandwiches are breakfast,
then Chips and Cup cakes before lunch
big Mexican food for lunch
then a slice of Pizza for snack
Hamburger and FF are for dinner
Cakes and Chips before sleeping with Beer...
And of course, Sodas are with all food...

They are extraordinary
but many "still human shape" obese people are the same.
I'm surprised how rich they are.
If they have a time even a little bit
such as short break in the class or waiting for ferry,
they buy snacks and a bottle of soda...it costs like $3?
And when they do that twice in a day it goes to $6.
Plus, 3 times meal. (I'm sure not only 3 times though)
If they drink beer and smoke cigarette,
They can spend $40-$50 in a day only for food and beverages!

$40 x 30days = $1,200/month LOL

And I can imagine that people who live like this claim
that "we cannot buy healthy food, because it is expensive".
Then they go to hospital because of heart attack.
They need to use wheel chairs in stead of walking.

They may not have enough income to buy good coverage.
Who pays for that medical cost?

People, who keep their body healthy,
pay for insurance, gym for exercise, supplements and natural foods.
They tend to work hard, eat suitable amount, and sleep well.
Of course, they do not smoke or drink too much.
I guess $1,200/month is enough for their normal cost of food and some beverages , too.

Is it fair if medical services are almost equal to those different people?

Well...I'm super poor now.
I don't think I spend that much money, $1,200
including my rent...ouch!
Cooking rice and light taste foods are good enough.
$5 Subway Footlong is for two times meal.
$5.50 Chinese lunch combo with wonton soup is for three times meal.
Never drink sodas...thanks to my taste.
And then, finally, I can spend extra money for some martini at the bar!
Cost friendly and health friendly.