Customer Service

From Japanese point of view,
shop staffs sometimes give us unbelievably terrible services or behaviors.
If they were working in Japan, they would be fired immediately.
On the other hand, the rest of those have great skills to welcome and help customers.
Two extremes. Part time or internship... I don't know but kids are also have this tendency.

Is it nature?

I don't think so.

They had not practiced to handle their emotion (feeling) not go to mood (behavior).
The cycle of emotion and mood is built by environment while they had grown up.
In family, schools or neighbors... adults let them know that by oral and action.
Like, "No need to hide your emotion to get something. Everyone is selfish, do it."
But some who had been raised in moral can learn
that your mood make the other's mood, too.
Or, they realize their mood is wrong at that point they start working and see seniors.

When you are depressed or angry, it must be tough to make smile on your face.
When you are tired, it must be difficult to move fast and talk with customers.

Sorry, but it is your job that you selected to do.
You are a part of the window and mirror of the shop and company.

Recently, many companies use outsourcing for CS,
such as Indian firms of telecommunication.
24 hours call service... sounds good.
It, however, connect to Indian company... does it really help you?
Many people don't understand their speaking,
and some staffs cannot understand American English, because of their Britain English.
So smart companies already realized that Indian are good for hard working
but not enough for customer satisfaction.
Then, it goes to Philippines whose workers speak American English. Sounds better, right?

How about Japanese CS.
Well, actually, shop staffs or call center workers are robots, not human.
As you already found, their "apologize"  is not from bottom of their hearts.
Their too much "thank you very much" is reading the lines.
Therefore, sometime they cannot respond to the irregular questions or requests.
Anyway, their behavior as CS is correct, even though it is fake and surface.

But when I went back to Japan after spending 8 month to live in NY,
I felt their thanks and vows were too much and.... made me tired LOL

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