Legalizing hard drugs

German the left wants to legalize not only soft drugs but also hard drugs.
They say that it's tough even for scientists to divide soft drugs and hard drugs,
and Alcohol and Cannabis are also unhealthy but legalized.

Yes, I understand, that's why I don't do anything including cigarette.
Everything is in the same category for me... not healthy.
My all family members but me had been smoking cigarette until my mom got cancer,
but I'm not sure about my brother really quit it, actually.
(My drugs are music and arts..., they make me high enough...)
Well, I take an alcohol, a little bit, not too much for drunk.
Just taking appropriated amount to have good blood circulation.
...Sounds healthy, right?

I know some American insist the same for legalization.
But one of them I know has never done any drugs, even weed,
and say the good reason to legalize it is only for revenue to government by taxation system.
Ah, I see. The economists must consider how government makes money.

...I do not have knowledge to talk about deep side of economy or crime incident.
But I cannot say yes for those legalization.
Simply, it's too risky to implement it.
People who had been interested in drugs but never used it
would try casually when they had chances because of no regulation anymore.
And decades later, it would not be considered dangerous things.
In Germany, they know what strict rules they need to handle drugs after legalizing.
But if the pharmacies could sell it only when the patient have prescription in US,
another business would emerge soon, like "Prescription.com".
(They may give you Free Trial up to 3 times, join now!)

And the person whom I mentioned say
that even though it is legalized, only people who want to ruin their life use it,
and normal people would not enjoy it to keep current life style anyway.


OK, of course they would spoil their life. It's obvious.
Yeah, then many prisoners for using drugs would be released at that point.
But why they are illegal right now? Why do many countries have same policies against drugs?
Why even medical marijuana is a topic to battle whether to be legalized or not?
Because drug users have potential to be violent with craziness to others, is it correct?
So, if drug users increase, crime rate and the number of the unemployed also increase.
Then you need to build twice more jails and prisons for that.
Is it good for economy? And tax will be used for feeding and maintaining them.
Even if it would be good for economical aspects, not for ethical aspects.

Well, anyway, my point is just one thing.

I don't want to lose my dear people around me because of that stupid reason.

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