Exciting Finance

Finally, I decided to take Finance concentration for my MBA course.
I know, it must be harder than General course...no choice but to make me motivated.
No idea, why I'm excited to study Finance.
I'm not good at numbers at all.
Numbers also don't like me.
But now, it's the time to shake hands.

It was heavy snowing in this morning but there were classes.
From 8:30 am. Took 7:00am boat. How nasty it was.
But I didn't care, because I like those classes,
Finance and Statistics. I had missed them.

Oh no I said too much -M.S-

When I took a basic accounting course,
the professor was so bad to handle with students,
yes, because they were like kids... didn't buy the text book,
always let the professor make copy after the class
only for the pages to know the homework... and complained like " I don't understand,"
...well, to understand the class, first, buy the textbook and read it...
The professor didn't tell like that, either... some classmates and I couldn't believe the situation.
That's why, the professor used only 3 chapters from the text book that had 1,200 pages...
could not finish what she had to teach us at all....

And the professor, who became a china attacker last time, said
"It's very basic issue and too easy for masters, so skip those sections..." in today's class.


: )  Proooooof I'm here

You are the same parson, I know.

You did not teach me those.

The other classmates seem to have taken those classes when they were undergrad students,
but for me, your basic course was everything.

How can I know that?

Ok, I will start from the accounting again...
need to pull out the text book from somewhere in my room.

See?  Finance is exciting!

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