Where is your answer going?

I'm not a good speaker as I mentioned before.
Plus, my English level is not good enough to take graduate course, honestly.
That is why I need to take time to study and practice more than the other students...

But, I can answer the question to assignments somehow.
Moreover, I learned how to write a paper in academic way during the last semester well.
It is completely different from the solution in business way.
When you work, you need to output the idea by using theory, experience, data, etc...
and summarizing in it your mind first. 
The output must be simplified to be explained and implemented with getting the point.
But in academic way, you have to explain 
what you learned from text books and lectures one by one for papers.
Giving the definition of the words that you use in the paper, 
building the discussion and then applying the case or questions are required.

...Yes, the paper let you feel to waste the time to explain a lot.
Because if you did it in the working situation, you must be said


Wait, I remember that this thing happens sometimes in the office, too. 
Especially when you talk with engineer or geek type of people, you need to be lenient.
They tend to start talking from 0, and you find it is too much explanation to listen to,
because most of their talking is another story with pointless. 
Just keep talking to you what they have as knowledge.
... and their topic is going to be far away from the answer to the question at the end.

orz..... amen.

Here's the thing.
I already faced the facts a lot in the school, too.
The problem is not writing way or something.
I'm so surprised that

some people do not answer the question LOL

For example, when the question is
"What are the different ways of leadership styles? "
of course, you can find several types of leadership ways in the text book,
and write to explain what those are and give the point what is the difference among them.
Easy. And then, if you want to add some information on it as your opinion, go ahead.

Their ways are just "I think my boss was..." or " Leadership should be..."


Of course, after you read the answer, you have to recheck the question.
Wait a minutes...What is the question?
No! You don't need to give us your idea about what is the good leader or something.
That is not the question, question is "DIFFERENCES" of each type.
From that, I can guess those people cannot have conversation well for complicated topics.
Once they start speaking, they forget what they need to answer and just keep talking.
I'm kind a jealous because I cannot keep talking... just freeze not to be out of the point....

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